KGMLF 2019

Korean Global Mission Leaders Forum 2019

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Korean Global Mission Leaders Forum 2019 Speakers

June 10-14, 2019 Kensington Stars Hotel, Sokcho, Korea

Rev. Dr. Christopher J.H. Wright   Bible Study Exposition on Missionary Mental Health

Prof. J. Jonathan Bonk and Dr. Jung Sook Lee Concluding Summary and Suggestions

Dr. Ruth Maxwell (Response by Dr. Kyung Hwa Hong) Finding a way through the darkness of … despair, discouragement, disillusionment, and disappointment

Rev. Stanley W. Green (Response by Dr. Jinsub Byun and Dr. Haekyung Hong) American Missionary Care in the Context of Crises

Dr. Nancy A. Crawford (Response by Dr. Jenny H. Pak) What mission organizations can learn from positive psychology and the Christian virtues to increase the resilience of their members

Rev. Jeong Hwan Kim (Response by Dr. Karen Carr) Crisis Management Case Study from Global Mission Society Missionaries Cases in Korea

Dr. Frauke C. Schaefer and Dr. Charlie Schaefer (Response by Dr. Hunn & Meesaeng Choi) Spiritual Resources in Dealing with Trauma

Dr. Soohyun Kim (Response by Dr. David Van Dyke) Multicultural Mission Team: A Cultural Identity Perspective

Dr. Jonathan Shung Kang (Response by Dr. Barbara Kemper) Korean Missionary Anger: A Cultural Identity Perspective

Dr. Brent Lindquist (Response by Dr. Nam Yong Sung) Organizational Case Study

Dr. Youngok Kim (Response by Dr. Pam Davis) Singleness Case Study among Korean Missionary

Dr. Michel Distefano Workshop on Depression and Mental Illness in the Old Testament

Dr. Richard Winter (Response by Rev. Sun Man Kim) Workshop on Sex Addiction

Dr. Hyun Sook Lee (Response by Rev. Ben Torrey) The actual situation of Korean Missionary Couple Relationship

Dr. Eunjung Um (Response by Dr. Lois Dodds) Exploration of missionaries’ experience of happiness, living by a highly valued religious call

Rev. Dr. Do Bong Kim (Response by Dr. Thomas Kemper) A Korean Missionary Case Study

Dr. Jae-Hon Lee and Rev. Sung il Moon, Ph.D. RP (Response by Liz Bendor-Samuel) Abducted by the absence of Retirement Plans: A qualitative study of emotional stress and mental health in Korean retired missionaries

Dr. Jinbong Kim, Rev. Jongbu Hwa and Dr. Nelson Jennings (Response by Dr. Laurence Fung)NamSeoul Presbyterian Church in Korea: Case Study – Missionary Retirement Plan

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