KGMLF 2019

Korean Global Mission Leaders Forum 2019

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Dear brother and sister in the Lord,                                                                        July 30, 2018

In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, warm greetings to you from GMLF!

It is our privilege to invite you to take part in the fifth biennial Korean Global Mission Leaders
Forum(KGMLF) organized and facilitated by the Global Mission Leadership Forum, exploring
broad themes of accountability in mission.

The theme for the KGMLF 2019 touches on one of the most pressing challenges of the
21 st  century, one that has profound implications for the Church’s faithful and effective service in
missions around the world: Missionaries, Mental Health, and Accountability in Church and
Agency Support Systems.

By means of case studies and responses, this forum will examine a range of issues and
approaches relating to fostering and effectively restoring missionary mental health in contexts of
ministry. The continuum of mitigating factors likely to be touched upon by the case studies will

             1)       Personal (fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, loneliness, stress, trauma, burnout);
             2)      Relational (family discord, marriage conflict, dissension, violence, abuse);
             3)      Social (isolation, losses, grief, stages of life, aging);
             4)      Medical (psychosomatic reaction, psychiatric issues, heredity);
             5)      Cultural (identity, cynicism, frustration, hostility)
             6)      Spiritual (guilt, rigidity of theologies, aversion); and  7) Organizational(systems of administration, accountability, expectations).

As you consider participating, please know that this gathering will be an invitation-only group
of approximately 80 participants, half of whom will be Korean. So that meaningful discussions
can take place, all participants will need to be present for the entire gathering. The case studies
and responses will be published in both Korean and English volumes for use by missionaries,
mission leaders, pastors, church leaders and mission educators.

The forum, scheduled for June 10-14, 2019, will convene at the Kensington Stars Hotel in
Sokcho, Korea(

If you are interested in the KGMLF 2019, please contact Ms. Jung. 

If you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Jung at her
email address (

We look forward to your participation in this forum!

In Christ,

Prof. Jonathan J. Bonk
President, Board of Trustees,
Global Mission Leadership Forum
Rev. Dr. Jinbong Kim
Managing Director of GMLF
Coordinator of KGMLF

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