Welcome Letter KGMLF 2017 By Dr. Jonathan Bonk


Dear Colleagues in the Fellowship of the Gospel,

Welcome you to this meeting of the Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum, fourth in a series of biennial meetings that began in 2011. At each gathering, key mission leaders from around the world have explored a range of complex, mission-related accountability challenges, resulting in Korean and in English publications: (1) Accountability in Missions: Korean and Western Case Studies (Wipf & Stock, 2011); (2) Family Accountability in Missions: Korean and Western Case Studies (OMSC Publications, 2013); and (3) Megachurch Accountability in Missions: Critical Assessment through Global Case Studies (William Carey Library, 2016).

We have been praying and preparing for this occasion for two years, and your presence here is evidence that God has answered our prayers, and that you and we have prepared thoughtfully and thoroughly, for the glory of God (Colossians 3:23). Some have given generously of their financial resources; others have joyfully devoted their time and intellectual energies; many have shared their gifts of wisdom and knowledge in the presentations and responses that constitute the presentations of this forum; others—such as Dr. and Mrs. Dwight and Lois Baker, and Dr. Craig Noll—have toiled diligently behind the scenes, editing our manuscripts, correcting errors, clarifying meanings, and making sure that each offering is the best that it can be; still others have cheerfully undertaken the daunting task of translating all of the manuscripts into either Korean or English, so that books on Migration, Human Dislocation, and Accountability in Missions can be published in both languages immediately following this forum.

Special acknowledgment must be made of the extraordinarily generous support of the Onnuri Community Church and the Yoido Full Gospel Church at the initiative of pastors, Rev. Jae Hoon Lee and Rev. Yong Hoon Lee, respectively.  Finally, we gratefully recognize the indispensable role played by Dr. Jinbong Kim, whose inspiring vision, personal sacrifice, organizational gifts, and unstinting effort have been the essential catalyst whereby all other contributions have been combined into this well-formed and useful forum.

May all that we are do and say here in Sokcho promote the King’s business in ourselves, our churches, and our institutions now and for many years to come!

Jonathan J. Bonk